Yang Dan (2018)

Lives and works in  the U.S.

2016-2017, studied at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Paper Media and Mixed Media Research 

2011, MFA, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, China, major in  Watercolor

2006, BFA, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, China, Major in Watercolor

Most of these works are created without stories or purpose. Many of them are made spontaneously, where I do not know what thoughts to express or the result of the image. It is this spontaneity that allows me to track shifts and changes within myself, I love the immediate changes and emotional interaction that it brings to the image. I am observing both the image and my experience so that each piece is unique. I describe my works as “one-off,” to not be repeated, just as we all are “one-off” individuals. In my most recent works, I feel the power and charm of collisions in my process. I follow and observe the unpredictable results at each step; it sparkles with different and unexpected gains and results.

Breaking the Mold: A Printmaking Exhibition (2018)

This exhibition highlights six Los Angeles area printmakers: John Greco, Dirk Hagner, Dave Lefner, Kimiko Miyoshi, Michelle Rozic, and Camilla Taylor. The reception will include a special screening of artist and filmmaker Poli Marichal's documentary “6 Printmakers Breaking the Mold”. It is an exciting look of how each artist interprets and executes the art of printmaking and pushing the boundaries of this age-old process.

Printmaking is woven into history as one of the oldest and arguably one of the most important art forms; with printing and print technology helping shape the world as we know it today, to being a medium to some of the greatest artists in history. Printmaking dances between form and function, necessity and invention; with this, artists can take the medium to new places.

With “Breaking the Mold”, we want to share this art form to the community. Audience can see the intersection of time-honored methods with contemporary ideas.

Cross Section (2016)