CM2 SPACE was founded in Los Angeles in 2012.

CM2 Space is committed in representing two types of Chinese artists to Western audiences. Firstly, artists whose subjects highlight social or political issues, work that is expressed accurately and forcefully. Secondly, artists who are passionate about the innovation and exploration of artistic language.

Since its establishment seven years ago, through various exhibitions and programs, our work has gradually become effective. CM2 Space has become a well-established gallery promoting Chinese contemporary art and artists, providing quality art communication and education. We have created a window for local art lovers to view, grasp, and understand Chinese contemporary art. We have simultaneously established a pathway for outstanding Chinese contemporary artists to the American art market. Several outstanding artists have become familiar with American critics, curators and collectors, increasing the health of their careers, taking it to a higher and broader level.

Presently, our artists are mainly concentrated in the field of contemporary Chinese ink painting or photography. Our main artists are: Bian Hong, Wang Fei, Li Huichang and other representative artists in contemporary ink art; Liu Dadi, an outstanding artist in the art of photography art, and artists like Liu Qingyuan and Li Shigong who are concerned about Chinese political and social phenomena. For the American art market, many of these artists are unfamiliar and new faces. However, this creates an exciting dialogue between the relationship of the artists work and the audience. We firmly believe that Western viewers learn and understand these artists because of the impact and leadership they create in their field.

We tirelessly believe in connecting Chinese contemporary artists to a broader audience, crossing paths to create exciting discussion, discovery, and appreciation.