Wang Fei

(B. 1964) Lives and works in Beijing
1999 Founder, Editor-in-Chief of the art magazine of State of Art in China
2016 Established the Wang Fei Contemporary Ink Art Creative Class at the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University.

Main Exhibitions:
2018 ‘Non-Relation’ Wang Fei’s Solo Exhibition, Yimi Space Gallery, Beijing.
2018 The Declaration of New Contemporary Ink Art, Guidian Art Space Gallery, Beijing.
2016 Solo Exhibition at LA Art Show 2016, Los Angeles, CA
2008 The Third Beijing International Art Biennale, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing.
2007 The Chinese Contemporary Art Documenta, the Wall Art Museum, Beijing.
1993 Wang Fei’s Solo Exhibition, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing.