Fan Peng-2, ink on rice paper-sml .jpg

Fan Peng

Fan Peng's series of works - "Realm", comments on the world with warning. Used as an expression against natural chaotic forces and social contexts. Fan Peng paints a Buddha, he does so daily as a ritual. Paint one Buddha everyday, and thousands of Buddha’s at work. They reflect Buddha but are not wholly about him, just as Fan Peng believes ”they are like me, but not.”  Realm’s Series painting appears to be solely Buddhist, but it is more. It is work of quiet contemplation, ritual, and reflection upon daily life. In chaotic times and environment, Fan Peng has maintained peace and quiet. Day after day of painting the Buddha, it accumulates to become more. The ritual is one to connect with spirituality, and consciousness of reality. The scattered small paintings come together and become a solemn work that is presented to the world. To see his work, is to enter his "spiritual world" and mind.