Liang Qun

Liang Qun (B. 1961) lives and works in Beijing

Liang Qun creates exceptional landscapes. Her paintings are brimming with bold atmosphere, and embody a feminine euphemistic and exquisite style.

Since China's reform and opening policies, China’s cityscape has become an important sign of high-speed economic development. The landscape has also become an extremely popular artistic theme since "85’ New Art Movement.” Liang Qun’s paintings are not of criticism but of reflection. It presents the relations of "the harmony between human and nature" and its romantic feelings. Her hometown, Dalian, is an area that is prolific with European architecture when it was once a Russian outpost. The mix of structures allowed Liang Qun to inspect and reflect over the evolution and history of a landscape and its influences. No matter the place, she approaches each landscape with the same romanticism and reflection to create poetic references. She inspects the beauty of original Chinese architecture, along with so many others as they continue to evolve and shift in the course of development.

In recent years, Liang Qun’s Spring Flowers series is painted to contain a kind of freedom and spiritual tension in visual expression, strong, blunt and hearty. Just like a robust stone, all blended into one harmonious whole. The integration of both figural and abstracted art displays profound paintings to rise toward higher realms, the spirit is floating on top of the scenery.

Review about their art:

One of Liang Qun’s forte is landscape painting. Her paintings not only exhibit majestic bold atmosphere, but at the same time, subtly showing her feminine qualities of being euphemistic and exquisite.

Since China’s reform and opening itself up to the world, its cityscape has become an important indicator of its high speed economic development. China’s cityscape has also become an extremely popular artistic theme during the “85 New Tide Fine Arts Movement”. Liang Qun’s works differs from the common criticisms and reflections; instead, it illustrates a very romantic vibe about “the harmony between human and nature”. Be it portraying her hometown Dalian’s scenery, or the highlights of Europe, both became poetic symbols under the brush of Liang Qun.

Liang Qun’s Spring Flower series drawn in these recent years have visually expressed the struggling tension between spiritual thoughts and freedom, simultaneously giving the impression of a robust rock’s strength, bluntness and heartiness, blending all elements harmoniously as a whole. The profound integration of both figural art and abstract art displays an overwhelming painting which rises to a different and higher realm. The thoughts and values can be felt floating throughout the scenery.